New Knife Offerings Ready to Ship

New Knife Offerings Ready to Ship

Good news! 

We have just added some new knives to our "Quick Gifts" page.  Whenever possible, we make a few items for instant sale between our custom orders.  These go onto our "quick gifts" page for instant or last minute gifts. Here you can find products pre-made and ready for shipment. Here you will also see the exact knife you will be getting because each photo is the photo of the knife you will receive.  

We are also always happy to send you a little cell phone video of any knife.  Plus, rest assured, the photos are all very real representations. We NEVER 'photoshop'. What you see is what you will get!

New additions include a beautiful 240mm chef knife with a decorative handle plus two new folding petty knives. There is also an 8-piece steak knife set and a really sweet little 2-piece steak set among the currently available offerings.

More good news!

We have just been informed that 6 new collectible blades by famed blade maker, Kiku Matsuda, are now on the way to us from Japan! Several sizes and each one different. Blade lengths from 125mm to 190mm. No two the same! We have been waiting for these blades for over a year.

Plus, included in this shipment will be some beautiful new chef knife blades in exotic ultra-high quality stainless steels. These blades have new and unique patterns.  I will be posting photos in my next blog post. They will be available for individual knife orders or order a set.

Questions and advance reservations of any of these or our other blades welcomed. Call us at: 808-883-0128.

Folding Petty with decorative handle by Salter Fine Cutlery and To-Un Ihara

240mm handforged exclusive design Japanese chef knife with decorative handle

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