Decorative Material Samples

Accent your knife handles to complement your luxury lifestyle with decorative bolsters, spacers, pins and more. With numerous customization options, you can create a striking design that works perfectly with the artistic aesthetic you want to achieve.

We are happy to help suggest options that work well with the wood species you are using for your handles. Please refer to the images on this page for samples of the types of materials, coloration, and options we've frequently seen requested.

Like our blades and handles, our bolsters are handcrafted and shaped to fit to each knife.

Our decorative accent spacers are available in: red, cinnamon (muted red), grey, black, white, ivory, canary yellow, faux stone composite in many color choices including hot pink and "onyx" and other unique accent possibilities.

A variety of woods can be used as accents or as handles. Many woods can be used on boxes. Wood ideas for use on boxes or for knife handles in addition to our signature curly koa wood are:


cocobolo wood handle steak knife from Salter Fine Cutlery


Steak knife with bubinga wood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery


steak knife handmade in Hawaii with kiawe wood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery


Steak knives handmade in Hawaii with curly koa wood handles by Salter Fine Cutlery


Steak knife handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery with lychee wood handle

Thuya Burl

Handmade steak knife with thuya burl handle by Salter Fine Cutlery


Steak knife with wenge wood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery

Ylang-Ylang (perfume wood)

Steak knife handmade in Hawaii with ylang-ylang wood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery


Paduak wood handle with slim ebony bolster on our Raptor luxury steak knives by Salter Fine Cutlery

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Contoured Nickel-Silver or Stainless Steel

Nickel-Silver Contoured Bolster

 Contoured Brass

Contoured Brass Bolster

Mozambique Ebony

(available in short or long; image shown is long)

Mozambique Ebony

Mokume Bolster

Mokume Bolster

Wood Only (No Bolster)

Sample of Handle without Bolster

Decorative Fittings for "Wa" Handles

Stainless Steel or Nickel-Silver (Top)

Nickel-Silver Fitting - Top

Stainless Steel or Nickel-Silver (Bottom)

Nickel-Silver Decorative Fitting

Mokume or Brass

(shown with Mozambique ebony)

Mokume fitting