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Here you will see new blades we just received plus see information on blades we currently have available and ready to make without having to wait for them to be hand-forged.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose the blade you like from the photos below
  • Send your request to reserve it through our Contact Us page
  • Be sure to include your name and email address or phone number
  • If for a special occasion, add date when it will be needed
  • We will contact you via email or phone to complete the process 

Recent additions from the forge:

Blade #1: 240mm shirogami sushi, sashimi, or general slicing knife. Single bevel for right-handed chef. 

Blade #2: 210mm heavy duty honesuki or butcher knife. Perfect for large pieces of meat and any heavy duty job. R2 stainless steel. VillageForge hammered damascus pattern. Can be used by either left or right-handed chefs.

Blade #3: 210mm shirogami carbon steel chef knife with mirror polish, double bevel edge for use by either left or right-handed chefs and tanto tip

210mm mirror polish shirogami double bevel chef knife with tanto tip ready for customization by Salter Fine Cutlery 

Blade #4: This 210mm chef knife has a combination finish of hammer marks descending to two distinct sections of damascus. R2 stainless steel.  The hammered section has a polished finish while the damascus section has a matte finish. 

New Salter Fine Cutlery "VillageForge" series 210mm chef knife blade ready for custom handle

Blades #5: New hunting knife 165mm blade by Kiku

In addition to these featured blades, we have several blades available and in stock, ready for your order. 

"Charybdis-series" whirlpool damascus chef knives

2-piece Charybdis design series chef knife set with artist-series handles by Salter Fine Cutlery

Sizes now in stock. Build a set of your choice:

  • 130mm utility/sandwich
  • 155mm petty
  • 145mm filet
  • 170mm small chef
  • 180mm bunka 
  • 210mm chef
  • 240mm carver

    "Charybdis-series"  whirlpool damascus full-tang chef knives

    • 100mm parer
    • 200mm chef knife

    Steak Knives

    • "Charybdis-series" 130mm cattlemens style full-tang steak knives
    • "Charybdis-series" whirlpool damascus 130mm classic style steak knives
    • New "VillageForge" pattern 127mm full tang combination hammered/damascus steak knives
    • New "VillageForge pattern 130mm Cattlemans style steak knives (2-pc only available now)
    • Cattlemans style steak knives full-tang with polished clad (no pattern) finish and Japanese wavy hamon line near blade edge

    And That's Not All

    Other blades from our Raptor series and various carving knife options are also currently available. Contact us for more information or to place your custom order for any of the above highlighted new arrivals.