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Custom Cutlery - Designed to Order

Custom Cutlery - Designed to Order

Most of our products are custom made to order. Browse our Design Your Own collection to get ideas and initiate your own custom order. As always, we are happy to provide personalized assistance to help you design the perfect knife, set, or gift. Call us at 808-883-0128 for a complimentary custom order consultation.

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Quick Gifts - In stock & ready to ship

We always try to keep a few pieces on-hand that are ready for immediate shipment. These items are made with the same high quality materials and workmanship as our custom order items. Our Quick Gift inventory is never the same, so check back often and don't wait to place an order for items currently in stock. We are happy to answer questions or take your order over the phone. Please call us at 808-883-0128 for personalized assistance.

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Quick Gifts - In stock & ready to ship
See how the light dances off the handforged blades and the exquisite koa curl in this video of a custom 12-piece steak knife set in a handcrafted presentation box.

The Charybdis Collection

The Charybdis Collection

Have questions? Please call us at 808-883-0128.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware of fraudulent sites advertising counterfeit products using our imagery. Salter Fine Cutlery products are ONLY available for purchase through this website. We do not sell through any third-party sites, including Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

The Salter Edge

Our Woods

As a Hawaiian-based artisan, our signature wood is the rare and exotic Hawaiian curly koa. Koa is known for its rich colors, grain patterns, and chatoyance, which gives the grain pattern an almost iridescent quality that seems to dance and change hues in different lighting.

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Our Blades

In perfect symmetry with our handcrafted exotic wood handles, our cutlery products are made with individually hand-forged Japanese stainless steel or carbon-forged blades that are among the sharpest, most precise cutting instruments in the world.

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Our Artist

Every piece created by Salter Fine Cutlery is a labor of love, designed and handcrafted by Gregg Salter. Formally trained in the art of fine woodworking, Gregg has combined his passion for Old World woodworking techniques with his lifelong interest in knives to create products that have modern functionality with the quality that can only be achieved through true hand-craftsmanship.

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Received the box and it is everything and more than I expected. The packaging, the notes, and general care taken were atypical and demonstrated again your above and beyond care and pride for your business.

– R.T.

As always, the pictures contain only half the beauty of the real thing. Both the knife and valet exceeded my expectations.

– R.G.

We LOVE these knives!!! Thank you for your work!

– N.L.

Absolutely outstanding! I was surprised with how light the carving knife and fork are. I can't wait to start collaborating on the next piece.

– J.M.

It's beautiful and the workmanship is excellent. The panel on top is outstanding. Thank you.

– B.W.

I received the knife and it is absolutely stunning! I cannot thank you enough for the care and work you put into the piece.

– P.F.

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