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Gregg Salter

Every piece created by Salter Fine Cutlery is a labor of love, designed and handcrafted by Gregg Salter. Born and raised in England, Gregg was formally trained in the art of fine woodworking by a master woodworker.

Now living in Hawaii, Gregg has combined his passion for Old World woodworking techniques with his lifelong interest in knives to create products that have modern functionality with the quality that can only be achieved through true hand-craftsmanship.

Working from his shop on the Big Island of Hawaii, Gregg spends hours hand-sanding and hand-finishing every piece he creates. From selecting the perfect piece of wood through finish-sanding and applying the final sealant, Gregg takes great pride in every stage of the creative process.

While some modern electric tools are used, Gregg minimizes their use as much as possible and avoids all use of large machines that are commonly used with cookie-cutter factory production knives. Gregg is dedicated to preserving Old World traditions; every knife handle is carefully free-formed by hand and every piece is painstakingly hand-sanded to uphold a superior level of craftsmanship.

Gregg is committed to providing the very best quality of craftsmanship and quality, and treats each piece like a work of art from beginning to end. He welcomes customization requests and enjoys working with customers to create truly unique designs.

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