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See what is being made now in our workshop!  

Watch the handmade nature of every one of our products being constructed. 

Making Now in the Workshop:

Updated 9/25/2023: Custom order: Pen display box to hold 50 collectible pens with glass top. View a few photos from the workshop. This box has been constructed and is now in final finishing

Gregg imagining how we will build the pen trays Early stages of unique slotted pen trays which will become part of a large collection display pen box by SalterFineCutlery and custom woodworking Gregg testing drawers and fit for custom box by Salter Fine Cutlery Gregg imagining and calculating next steps on collectible box by Salter Fine Cutlery

Gregg testing drawer function and planning next steps for collectible pen box by Salter Fine Cutlery and Woodworking   Gregg testing the fit prior to joining the top layer of a display box by Salter Fine Cutlery and custom woodworking   Gregg starting rough sanding on box sides while making pen display box at Salter Fine Cutlery and custom woodworking

Gregg sanding the external sides of a custom collection box SalterFineCutlery and woodworking  Final detail work making a custom collectibles box Salter Fine Cutlery and woodworking Hawaii  Applying final sealers to a custom box by SalterFineCutlery and custom woodworking


 Update 9/25/2023: Photos Coming Soon

The sets named below are ready for purchase and instant shipping.

Photos coming soon. Check back l to see them and purchase on our Shop Now page soon.

  • 3-pc chef knife set in keepsake box
  • 210mm chef knife in keepsake box 

We have been busy making new ready to ship products whenever possible over the past couple months. 

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