-Steak Knives: Blade Options

Salter Fine Cutlery steak knife sets feature our signature handcrafted Hawaiian koa handles or can be made with your choice of handle material.

Choose our hand-forged highest quality stainless steel Japanese blades; created exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery in collaboration with our Japanese bladesmiths.

All sets are available with exquisite Hawaiian curly koa handcrafted presentation boxes, keepsake boxes, gift boxes, in-drawer racks, traditional knife blocks, or as individually sold knives without storage.

Our custom order sets are all made-to-order using your choice of blade and handle options. Scroll down to see blade options and examples of previously made sets.

20-piece custom steak knife set in presentation box by Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: 20-piece combination set. Presentation box. 18 Salter Original Classic damascus steak knives, plus 2 Cattlemen's style "Charybdis whirlpool damascus" steak knives. 

Below: 6-piece set in an upgrade presentation box. 130mm cattlemen's style blades with "Charybdis" whirlpool damascus pattern. Extra-decorative handles.

6-piece handmade R2 stainless steel steak knife set in upgrade presentation box featuring our Charybdis design series whirlpool damascus finish in a 130mm Cattlemans style blade shape and extra-decorative handles of Hawaiian curly koa wood by Salter Fine Cutlery luxury custom tableware

Blades styles we offer:

These blade styles are shown in photos on this page. Scroll to see examples of blades and combinations using various woods and other materials.

To Order:

  1. Choose your blade finish (ex. Charybdis, VillageForge, Fire-Hammered, Clad, 
  2. Choose full-tang or hidden tang
  3. Choose preferred blade length (example 127mm, 130mm longer or shorter)
  4. Choose blade style (example Cattlemen's or Classic)
  5. Then, let us help you with the available handle and storage options, pricing and more to make your ordering process both more fun and efficient.

Below: 127mm "Salter Classic Polished Clad" blades with artist hamon line 

  • Charybdis Whirlpool Damascus with gray matte finish-available in a variety of shapes and blade lengths with your choice of full or hidden tang handles
  • New VillageForge collection with polished claw mark finish combined with matte damascus lines near the blade edge-available in a variety of shapes and blade lengths with your choice of full or hidden tang handles
  • NEW! Fire-Hammered Damascus collection-127mm classic design full-tang VG10 stainless steel with black hammer marks over beautiful polished damascus
  • Moderna random whirlpool damascus with high-polish finish-can be ordered in your choice of blade length
  • Classic Satin Clad or Classic Polished Clad finish-available in a variety of shapes and blade lengths with your choice of full or hidden tang handles
  • New Budget Conscious Clad collection-130mm cattlemans style with mirror polish finish serrated tips
  • VillageForge design-series steak knives with all wood extra-decorative handles by Salter Fine CutleryAbove: The "VillageForge" collection. R2 stainless steel. Hidden tang version. This version allows you to order your knife set with your choice of handle shape and a wide variety of handle accent possibilities. Shown: extra-decorative all-wood handles. 130mm cattleman style blades. This set included a knife block and several matching chef knives.

Formerly called the "Raptor" this updated version has even more detail in the pattern.  A truly beautiful knife choice.

Below:  The "Fire-Hammered Damascus" collection combines rugged black hammer marks over high polish damascus. Truly unique and beautiful. Beautiful with any dinnerware and your choice of handle materials.

Blade Steels:

All of our blades are made using the highest quality Japanese stainless cutlery steels.

  • R2 stainless steel: Charybdis whirlpool pattern, VillageForge,  Moderna, 
  • VG10 or SRS13 stainless steel: Fire-Hammered, Classic Satin Clad, and Classic Polished Clad  

Above: The "Moderna".  High polish finish. Whirlpool damascus with traditional damascus patterns in a random design. Modern, clean look. Blade length: choose 127 or 130mm.

A gallery of knives using a variety of handle materials.

In the following six photos, see samples of handles with a variety of blade styles.

This custom Raptor series steak knife featured a ylang-ylang "perfume wood" handle with short ebony bolster and slate accents handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery luxury tableware

Above: The "VillageForge" (previously Raptor) design series blades can be ordered with your choice of handle materials.  Full-tang version, Ylang-ylang (perfume wood) handle Short Mozambique ebony bolster,  Slate/black accents. 

Below: "VillageForge" (formerly Raptor) finish.  5" (127mm) blade. Full-tang version. Mix with your personal handle option for a truly unique set like this wood "variety pack" set.

Custom luxury steak knife set eclectic "variety pack" featuring Raptor series hand-forged R2 Japanese stainless steel blades with various wood handles and short ebony bolsters from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Below: "VillageForge" blade with 'Salter classic' handle shape. Sets can be ordered with a large variety of handle woods. Shown: lychee wood. Brass bolsters accents.

Raptor design steak knife blade with lychee wood handle and brass bolster by Salter Fine Cutlery

Below: "VillageForge" design series steak knives with a variety of handle woods. From front to back; Wenge, Koa, Lychee, Bubinga, Kiawe, Ylang-Ylang, Thuya burl, and Colobolo.

Raptor design steak knife set featuring a variety of handle materials including dark elegant wenge wood with brass bolsters by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Below: "VillageForge" design steak knife with curly koa wood handle and ebony bolster

Raptor design series full tang handmade stainless steel steak knife with curly koa wood and Mozambique ebony handle by Salter Fine Cutlery


Below:  His and hers steak knife set featuring 1 Cattleman's style steak knife from our "Charybdis whirlpool damascus" design series and 1 "Classic Polished Clad" blade from the same Japanese bladesmith. Both knives have sustainably harvested Mozambique ebony handles. Brass bolsters and accents.

His and Hers steak knives featuring different blades and matching handles from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Below: Moderna blades with curly koa wood and stainless steel handles

Below: For an impressive knife for your tomahawk steak, choose a 138mm XL clip-point steak knife.  Shown: "artist-series" hidden-tang version handles. Brass and red accents.

138mm XL clip-point Charybdis steak knife for impressive roasts and tomahawk steaks from Salter Fine Cutlery

Below: R2 stainless steel 127mm clip-point design blade with "Charybdis" whirlpool damascus finish. Shown with our exclusive customized "artist-series" hidden-tang handles.

Handmade steak knives featuring Gingami3 powder metal die stainless steel with Charybdis whirlpool damascus finish by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

New for 2022 satin clad blade with hamon line finish in our full-tang Salter Original Classic design series VG10 san mai stainless steel by Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: "Classic Satin Clad" 127mm VG10 stainless steel blade, Japanese SanMai clad finish.  Hamon line visible near the blade edge. Full-tang blade. Specify satin clad or high polished finish. Shown: Curly koa handle. Short blackwood bolster. Black/white accents.  Signed in kanji by the bladesmith.

Below:  Same great "Charybdis whirlpool damascus" blade with a130mm cattleman's style blade. Faceted straight handle shape. Stainless steel and Mozambique ebony accents. Pricing: "Artist-series". 

130mm "cattleman's style" steak knife from our Charybdis design series of fine steak and chef knives exclusively from Salter Fine Cutlery

Below: R2 stainless steel 120mm version clip-point blade with partial "Charybdis whirlpool damascus" pattern finish and elegant "traditional free-flow" handle

120mm stainless steel handmade steak knives with Charybdis partial whirlpool pattern from Salter Fine Cutlery

Below: New budget conscious clad blades with serrated tip. Mirror finish. Solid reclaimed, sustainably harvested, kiln-dried koa wood handles

 Please refer to the following pages for other examples of possible combinations.

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