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Custom Chef Knife Sets



Salter Charybdis Collectible Chef Knife detail

Our custom Japanese chef knife sets are simply the best kitchen knives you’ll ever want or need. Each chef knife blade is made with the highest quality steel and is individually hand-forged using traditional techniques by a master Japanese bladesmith. When paired with our exquisitely handcrafted koa handles, the results are nothing less than exceptional!

For a quote on a custom chef knife set, please contact us 808-883-0128.

R2 Diamond Mirror Polish Chef Knives

Whether you are a home culinary enthusiast or a professional chef, we offer a wide selection of blade styles, steels, and handle options to create unique chef knife sets that offer refined design with razor-sharp precision. 

VG10 Damascus Chef and Steak Knife Set in block

Our chef knives can be custom designed with your choice of Japanese stainless steel western-style full-tang handles or a more traditional style, non-stainless carbon steel blades. Sets are available with two or more knives in your choice of blade sizes ranging from 90mm paring to 240mm chef.

Questions? Call us at 808-883-0128.

R2 Damascus Chef Knife Set

The finish pattern is often unique to each individual bladesmith; it’s what sets one apart from the other and is the mark of true artistry in forging techniques. Through our partnership with several master bladesmiths, we can offer blades with unique Damascus patterns and other specialized finishing techniques, such as mirror polish.

4-piece custom chef knife set featuring stainless damascus blades and our extra decorative collectible handles in beautiful curly koa wood stand

 Our photos show samples of some of the finish options available. During your custom design consultation, we can provide you with the blade sizes and finishes techniques available in the blade style you select.

VG10 Damascus Chef Knives

We have several standard blade sizes readily available to start designing your custom knife set; most non-standard, longer, specialty blade sizes and functions can be ordered.

Call us at 808-883-0128

5 piece chef knife set with stainless steel bolsters in engraved presentation box

Hawaiian koa is our signature wood used in our custom, handcrafted handles and boxes; however, we also offer a wide selection of rare exotic woods to choose from. Finishing accents, inlays, and bolsters can further customize your knife design to be truly one-of-a-kind. Each piece is made by hand using Old World craftsmanship and without any mass production tools or shortcuts.

17-piece combination chef and steak knife set in block stand by Salter Fine Cutlery

To store your custom chef knife set, we offer custom, handcrafted koa presentation and keepsake boxes, blocks, stands, and racks.

Handcrafted knife block to hold 17-piece combination chef and steak knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery

Our storage systems are designed to the exact specifications of your set and are handcrafted exclusively by Gregg Salter to complement the handles of your knives.

Shirogami Chef Knives in Fan Stand

Please contact us for a complimentary custom order consultation. All of our custom chef knife sets are made to order with your choice of blade and finishing details. We occasionally have individual chef knives or small sets handcrafted and available for immediate purchase in our Quick Gifts Collection. All others are available by custom order only. Call us today at 808-883-0128 to reserve your blades and your spot on our workshop calendar.

Solid handcrafted curly koa wood, maple and wenge wood block with 17-pc handmade cutlery set

Please note, due to the countless hours that are required for our bladesmiths to hand-forge each individual blade, please anticipate extended wait times for us to receive non-standard, longer, or specialty blades from Japan. Please contact us for estimated wait times and to advance order specialty blades.

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