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Care & Use

Many hours have gone into creating your new knife, box, or specialty item. In order to maintain the exquisite beauty of the wood and the ultra-sharp edge of our blades, we recommend following these care and use guidelines.


Wash by hand using warm, soapy water, and dry immediately. Prolonged contact with water can ruin the wood and cause certain blades to rust. Do NOT put any cutlery pieces in the dishwasher. Doing so will void your warranty. If this happens, however, do contact us as we can most likely renew and repair the damage.

Wash all cutlery before first use with warm soapy water to remove any residual cleaning product residue.

To maintain the luster of your handles, occasionally rub on a light layer of tung oil, which can be found in most hardware stores. We are always available to assist you, so feel free to write or call us for help. Or we will gladly refinish your knives when needed for a nominal fee.

Japanese blades have a narrow grind angle, which provides excellent edge retention. However, all blades eventually dull with use. To maintain and prolong the edge between sharpening, strop lightly at a 15-degree angle with a fine grit ceramic sharpening rod after each use.

We recommend sharpening with a whet stone or natural stone rather than electric sharpeners. VG10 blades may be sharpened with a high quality electric sharpener on Asian grind settings only. Some electric sharpeners can cause irremovable scratches on blades; we cannot warranty scratches caused by sharpeners and, therefore, do not recommend their use at all.

Do NOT use electric sharpeners or diamond steel sharpeners for ZDP, R2, or SG2 blades! Doing so may cause these blades to chip and will void your warranty.

We offer a blade sharpening service for a nominal fee. If you do damage your blades, contact us as we may be able to repair them.

We strongly recommend purchasing a cleaver, deba, or large fish knife if you will need to chop or cut through bone. Japanese grind, general purpose chef knife blades are not designed for this purpose and can be damaged.

Your warranty does not cover damage caused by using blades for other than their intended purpose. Do NOT use tip to pry open jars or frozen foods. Do NOT use a Japanese blade to chop frozen foods. If you damage your blade, we may be able to fix it for a nominal fee plus shipping costs, but we cannot guarantee that damage sustained due to improper use will be reparable.

Our blades our extremely sharp! Use caution when handling. Keep knives out of reach of children at all times!

Tips for Carbon Forged Blades

Always dry immediately after use. If you are purchasing a carbon forged knife and wish to prevent black marks or rust, we advise coating with a thin coat of oil during storage such as camellia oil, walnut oil, clove oil, lavender oil, or extra virgin olive oil applied to the cleaned, dried blade. Another way to protect against rust or black marks, is to store your knife completely dry after washing in a rust protective paper like you will receive with your knife. If you do get rust on your knife and want help removing it, immediately wash with soapy water to remove excess rust and avoid pitting, then contact us for additional help.

There are several commercially available products that can help remove rust. An easy way is to spray with a silicone spray like CLP Rust Protector, then wipe off. Or, you may rub lightly with a brass wool pad. Test in a small area first to be sure you are not getting unwanted scratches on your blade. The best way to deal with rust is through proper maintenance and prevention.

Boxes & Stands

Our presentation boxes, racks, stands, and jewelry boxes achieve their lustrous finish through hours of hand-rubbing a hard-paste finishing wax containing natural oil-based wax (like beeswax and carnuba wax) into the wood. Unless specifically requested, we do not use varnish on our woods. As such, we recommend caring for your box or stand as you would any piece of fine furniture by dusting and polishing periodically with any fine wood wax-based product, such as “Town Talk” orange or lavender fine furniture wax or “Renaissance Wax.” In between waxings, dust with clean dry cloth.

Do NOT spray liquid dusting products directly onto wood surfaces as dulling may occur. If this occurs, please contact us for tips on restoring the original luster.

Keep boxes and stands away from excessive heat or moisture. Never store in direct sunlight.

Tips for keeping stands or boxes on kitchen counter tops

We suggest choosing a display location away from stove tops to prevent dulling of the finish due to cooking steam and grease. Also, when cleaning counters, be wary of wiping wet sponges or rags along the base of stands to prevent the repeated contact with moisture as it may dull the stand. The bottom of each stand has been lined with cork to prevent sliding as well as to prevent water from damaging the bottom of your stand. Never let wood sit in standing water or on hot stove tops.

CAUTION: Always wash boards and blades thoroughly after cutting or chopping raw meat or fish to avoid cross contamination of food-borne bacteria that can cause illness.

Our blades are extremely sharp! Always keep knives away from children. Always handle with care.

Our products are heirloom quality, and with proper care and maintenance they will be beautiful and functional for many, many years. We welcome your specific questions to help you get the most use and enjoyment from your purchase. Please contact us if you need additional information or assistance.

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