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Custom Order Individual Chef Knives

Whether your preference is a high quality Japanese stainless steel chef knife with a traditional western style full-tang handle or a more traditional style non-stainless carbon steel Japanese chef knife, we guarantee it will be of the highest quality available anywhere because each blade has been hand-forged by a master Japanese bladesmith.

To order a single custom-designed, handcrafted chef knife, please select from the blade options below. From there you will be able to see the blade sizes and finishing details available for those blades. If you are interested in designing a set, please see our Custom Chef Knife Sets page or contact us for a complimentary design consultation and quote.

From a single knife to a complete set, our chef knives are precision culinary tools with the refinement of fine, functional art. Offered with or without a wide selection of handcrafted koa storage solutions--sayas, stands, drawer and magnetic racks, and boxes--our chef knives make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen while providing the optimal experience for any master chef or home cook.

Have questions? Please call us at 808-883-0128.

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