At the Forge - Reserve Now

On this page, you can see what will be coming to us next from the forge.

As a small custom maker, we may only have a couple of each size coming. You can reserve your knife while it is still being forged!

Below is what is currently being made for us in Japan by traditional blacksmiths to our unique specifications.

Japanese bladesmith making a billet for a new knife SalterFineCutlery visiting the forge

Blades Coming Soon! 

Currently creating a new order. Will keep you all posted. 

Recently received from our Japanese Bladesmiths

2 Collectible hunting knives by world-famous Kiku! (1 sold, 1 still available)

210mm Honesuki butcher knives from our VillageForge collection

210mm shirogami traditional sushi knife

240mm shirogami core clad with stainless polished hammered sides gyutos


    Traditional Japanese bladesmith grinding a chef knife blade at his workshop from Salter Fine Cutlery

    Create a set or reserve a single knife! 

    Pre-reserve your blades now for holiday gift deliveries by sending us your request via the Contact Us page. Be sure to include your name and phone number!

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