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We have created thousands of custom knives. Examples of our popular steak and chef knife sets, collectible knives, folding and hunting knives, our most popular individual chef knives, boxes, and other products can be found throughout this web site by clicking the "Products" and "Collector's Series" sections on the navigation bar.

On this Gallery page, we offer up some photos of previously sold knives which may not be found elsewhere on our site. Use them for inspiration or contact us if you would like something similar made for you.

We normally have several unique blades in our inventory ready for custom handles which will not be found anywhere on our web site, such is the rarity of these blades. 

Contact us for more information.

36-piece custom steak knife set with 4.25" blades and solid koa wood handles in presentation box.            30-pc custom damascus steak knife set with partial tangs and custom shaped handles in presentation box

Above Left: Custom designs available by special order. This 36-piece set featured modern styling with petite 3.75" steak knife blades.

Above Right: This custom designed 30-piece steak knife set featured partial tang blades and a curved free-form design handle and metal bolsters.

Pair of custom paring knives with Hon Yaki blades and traditional Japanese style handle and sheath          Left-handed custom order paring knife with black matte finish ebony and kiawe handle

Above Left: Special order Hon Yaki blades available in any size. Shown 90mm parers with traditional shaped Japanese handles and sheath.

Above Right: Special order left handed carbon steel knives in any size with choice of handle woods. This knife featured a black matte finish and kiawe wood handle.

Custom order 4-piece cheese knife set and solid koa wood handles          Exotic ZDP-189 stainless damascus cheese knife and sheath

Above Left: This custom request featured VG10 damascus 4" blades and solid curly koa wood handles. This style knife available by special order with or without bolsters.

Above Right: Exotic ZDP-189 damascus steel was featured in this unique cheese knife with matching scabbard. Blade length 3.75". This knife available by special order as shown or with optional bolster.

120mm mini santoku with koa wood handle and brass bolster          150mm utility knife with solid koa wood handle and unique textured damascus blade

Above Left: Custom order mini Santoku with brass bolster. Custom requests welcome.

Above Right: 150mm small chef knife with blade by Takeshi Saji. Solid curly koa handle.

170mm custom design boning knife          SRS13 stainless santoku with unique hammered x-pattern by Saji with curly kiawe wood handle

Above Left: Custom designed 170mm boning knife with hand-forged damascus blade.

Above Right: Pair of 180mm santoku knives in new SRS13 stainless steel with blades by Saji of Japan. Unique x-pattern blades and curly Hawaiian kiawe wood handles. Additional styles and sizes available in our inventory now for custom orders.

210mm collectible chef knife with custom design handle and shirogami damascus blade by Salter Fine Cutlery          210mm chef knives with a variety of handle woods

Above Left: Unique custom order handle with blade by the bladesmith who makes our Charybdis collectible knives. We welcome your custom requests and currently have chef, steak and one unique hunting knife blade in our inventory.

Above Right: Set of four 210mm chef knives with a variety of woods used in the handles. Handle woods were by special request and each knife included a custom stand.

210mm mirror polish sashimi knife with decorative handle by Salter Fine Cutlery          240mm damascus chef knife with brass bolster Saji-Salter collaboration from Salter Fine Cutlery

Above Left: 210mm shirogami carbon steel sashimi knife with mirror polish finish and decorative handle. We accept custom orders for sashimi knives with your choice of finish.

Above Right: 240mm (9.5 inch blade). SG2 powder metal die stainless steel with brass bolster and koa wood handle. Collaboration Salter-Saji knife with beautiful damascus pattern. More Saji blades currently available for custom orders.

2-pc chef set featuring aogami super clad blades and decorative handles in a gift box          2-pc custom order variety blade chef set in keepsake box

Above Left: 2-piece chef set of Aogami Super clad steel with decorative handles in a gift box. We can offer many options in custom 2-piece chef knife sets.

Above Right: Can't make up your mind? No problem. This custom order 2-piece chef knife set included one knife with a damascus finish and one with a hammered finish. Order included a keepsake box.

2-pc SG2 damascus chef knife set in keepsake box Salter Fine Cutlery          4-pc combination chef/steak knife set with hammer finish blades

Above Left: 2-piece chef knife set displayed at an angle in a keepsake box with upgrade wood. Knives featured damascus blades by Saji and solid curly koa wood handles.

Above Right: 4-piece combination chef and steak knife set with a counter stand. We make custom sets in any quantity. This size set will fulfill all the cooking needs of singles or couples.

4-piece custom shirogami chef knife set with black matte finish 90 to 300mm blades          Collectible decorative dagger with sheath

Above Left: Custom designed chef set for a professional chef included blades from 90mm to 300mm in shirogami carbon steel with a black matte finish. Handles of cocobolo and blackwood.

Above Right: We can source handmade blades for special collectible knives. This poignard with a medieval inspired handle and sheath was purchased together with a glass-fronted wall mount display box.

Collectible hunting knives in collaboration with Kiku Matsuda and Salter Fine Cutlery          Custom order folding knives in many sizes

Above Left: The collectible hunting knife above was created for us by the renowned Kiku Matsuda of Japan. We have several Kiku blades available for custom order in our inventory. Each Kiku -Salter collaboration custom knife is a unique collectible.

Above Right: Custom folding knives available by special order in any size and design.

Scottish sgian dubh traditional wedding or ceremonial knife in keepsake box by Salter Fine Cutlery          Custom knife blocks and stands to fit any size or configuration knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery

Above Left: Scottish Sgian Dubh in keepsake box with sterling silver decorative fittings in a keepsake box. Damascus pattern blade and fittings from Scotland. Special requests for cultural or ethnic knives welcomed.

Above Right: Knife blocks made of any wood and to fit any size knife set.

Curly koa wood knife block to fit custom 17-piece chef and steak knife set                   Knife block for custom 4-piece chef knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Above Left: Large knife block to fit a custom 17-piece combination steak and chef knife set. This block featured very curly Hawaiian koa wood with black trip to compliment the koa wood and ebony knife handles.

Above Right:  Small custom knife block to fit 4 large chef knives for a professional chef. For this block an extremely rare piece of featured koa wood with a folded look to the wood grain was chosen. Blocks can be made of most woods and can be highly figured or understated, to your own preferences.

Example of one-of-a-kind custom blades in our inventory awaiting custom orders          Example of custom tang file-work which can be custom ordered

Above Left: An example of one of our inventory of custom made one-of-a-kind blades available for custom orders. Contact us for current offerings of products not shown on our web site.

Above Right: Custom hand filework available on knife tangs by special request.

Custom collectible hunting knife with 135mm blade and stand from Salter Fine Cutlery         2-piece custom steak knife set with shirogami damascus blades and keepsake box

Above Left: Custom hand-forged gingami3 stainless steel hunting knives available from our 'Charybdis' custom blade maker. This one, by client request, included a Hawaiian koa wood handle, simple leather belt sheath and rustic Hawaiian koa and ohia stand. You tell us what style and size blade you would like, and we can have it made for you.

Above Right: This 2-piece steak knife set included ebony and blue decorative accents, plus hand-forged mokume damascus bolsters as a fitting compliment to the hand-forged shirogami damascus pattern blades. Set also included a koa wood keepsake box.

Bulk custom gift order gladly accepted          Custom boxes to hold your own knives or knife sets made to fit your cut-out templates

Above Left: Bulk order gifts welcomed. This order of pocket knives each included a custom designed pocket sheath and keepsake box.

Above Right: Display box for another knifemaker's custom bowie knives. This box and knives won best of show at a regional knife show on the east coast. Shown are fiberboard template cutouts sent by the knife-maker which we used to make the box for a perfect fit. Boxes or stands to display your own special knife or knife set welcomed.

Custom woodworking projects like this mancala game board          270mm shirogami carbon steel Japanese chef knives with kiawe wood handles

Above Left: Special woodworking requests accepted. Shown: mancala game board.

Above Right: We can source many sizes, finishes, and styles of blades from our collaboration bladesmiths in Japan. This example of one such order featured a pair of single-bevel 270mm blades with 3mm thickness and very hard Hawaiian kiawe wood and ebony handles.

'\Antique cutlery blades re-handled by Salter Fine Cutlery           Custom letter opener by Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery        

 Above Left: We gladly accept custom requests for handle replacement. This antique set was given new handles of curly Hawaiian koa wood with a metal end cap to compliment the fork and steel. Plus we refreshed the steel and removed rust from the metal components. We can re-handle your favorite vintage set.   Contact us for price quote.   

 Above Right: Letter opener with low stand for desk use. This custom request featured a short dagger with medieval style handle and decorative short stand designed to sit atop a desk or placed inside the desk drawer when desired.  We can also make a selection of other woodworking products for use in the office out of your choice of woods.

Mini traditional knife block to hold set of 12 steak knives by Salter Fine Cutlery          Traditional style knife block to hold custom made to hold any steak knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery

 Above Left and Right:  Mini traditional knife block. This knife stand was designed to hold our clients own set of 12 steak knives. Custom knife blocks can be created for any set and of your choice of wood.



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