New Product Announcement: February 7, 2016

New Product Announcement: February 7, 2016

Our new Salter Fine Cutlery blog will keep you informed of new products and creations, give you insights into the creation of our knives, technical information about our steels, help you with how to choose which knives are right for you, and fun stuff like knife handling techniques and new recipes.

Today, for our second blog post, I would like to announce a new product.  It is a combination chef and steak knife set displayed in a traditional style block-type stand.  Does this sound like every other standard chef set?  Perhaps on the surface, but as with all of our products, these are very different from the run-of-the-mill chef knife set.

First and foremost, each set will be individually made to your own cooking and entertaining needs. You may choose which configuration of chef knives you want, and how many.  You may also choose to add steak knives in any quantity up to 24 pieces.

Every knife will be individually hand-forged in Japan and can be ordered with a variety of finishes and steels. We will talk about steels in a later blog post or you may contact us at any time for more information. Our finishes include patterned layered damascus, hammered, or traditional looking satin or polished.

The new Salter chef block will have several innovative design features.  First, we will wrap each knife in its own maple sheath.  For large sets, Gregg feels maple provides advantages over other woods for not only its hardness and durability, but also because of it's non-reactive and non-toxic qualities. These interior sections will be encased in a thick, solid envelope of exotic curly koa wood.  You may include a top accent liner of Mozambique ebony, wenge, Hawaiian kiawe, mango, or any other wood of your choosing. Gregg has also devised this block to provide air-flow to the blades in case one has been stored without being completely dried as added protection for your investment. Finally, we have added little cork feet to protect water from wicking onto the wood from your counter surface and to prevent slipping.

For more photos, have a look at our web site.

Send us your comments and ideas for future posts and any favorite recipes!  Until next time.....

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