Introducing the New Salter Fine Cutlery Blog

Introducing the New Salter Fine Cutlery Blog

Thanks for finding our brand new blog! Welcome!

For those of you who are returning customers, thank you so much for your continued support as we tip-toe our way into the 21st Century with first a newly renovated website, new Facebook and Pinterest pages, and now, our shiny new blog.

As you may know, we specialize in Old World techniques and value old school philosophies of great, personalized service and one-on-one customer interaction. However, we also know that in this modern day and age, we must adapt to this thing called the internet. So here we are . . . learning how to blog.

For those of you who’ve just found us, please allow us to use this first post to introduce ourselves. We are Gregg and Marie Salter, the husband and wife team behind Salter Fine Cutlery. Gregg is the master woodworker, designer and artisan whose talents turn raw materials into the gorgeous knives and boxes you see throughout our website. And, he does it using old-fashioned handcraftsmanship from his one-man workshop here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Marie is the friendly voice who answers the phone, responds to email queries, and helps with design consultations while Gregg is busy in the workshop. Between the two of us, we attend to all needs of the business and are always available to answer your questions and assist with the custom design process.

Without any further ado, thank you for reading our blog. Please bookmark it, follow it, or if you are as tech-resistant as we are, just check back from time to time to get updates on new products, tips and tricks for knife care and handling, great recipes, guest posts, and some entertaining information about the world of fine collectible cutlery.


Gregg & Marie

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