Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 1

Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 1

We are often asked what goes into making our handles. We've also been asked if we can just send someone some handles to put on their own knives.

While we are more than happy to re-handle any of your own favorite knives, we do need the actual knife or knives to do so.  That is because every knife handle is individually made as a permanent attachment to your knife.  And we completely guarantee it to last!

Today I thought I would give you a peek into the true hand-crafted nature of our knives. Gregg is currently making a steak knife set which will have nickel-silver bolsters. The bolster is that smaller piece of material between the main body of the handle and the actual blade.  They can be made of various types of metal, horn, or a contrasting wood. In this case, he will make each bolster from a bar of nickel-silver, some metal files, and few other tools. Once each chunk of metal has been cut, he will cut the metal pins which will attach it to the handle. 

On a twelve-piece set, it will take about four days of labor to achieve the finished look of the bolsters you will see on your knife set. More shaping will be done after the bolsters are on the handle, then much more again after the wood and accent pieces have been added. Here are a few photos of past knives and remember, we welcome your comments and questions.


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