Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 2

Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 2

Once the bolster has been permanently attached to the handle and given its rough shape, the process of making your steak knife set has really still just begun. Gregg will next sort through our lumber inventory trying to find the look of wood that he thinks will best compliment your choice of bolster and decorative accents or personal requests.

The wood will then be milled, planed, cut into handle-sized slabs and sealed here in our workshop. Once the wood and decorative accent pieces have been added to the handles and affixed with a combination of super strong glues and peened pins, Gregg will start the long process of removing all extra wood and hand-shaping the handles.

After ten full days of completely hand-shaping and sanding starting at 50 grit and proceeding in small stages to an incredibly smooth 3000 grit, the knives in the photo at 600 grit have taken their final shape, if not yet final smoothness.  Much later in the day, sanding will be complete on this 12-piece set. A minimum of 6 more days of additional sealing processes and handle finishing will be needed before they will achieve their final finished appearance. 

Now, simultaneously, he will make the removable racks to hold your knives in place within the box.  Each rack is custom made to fit your particular set of knives. In the case of a presentation box, the racks are removable for ease in use when you only have a small dinner party.  We will continue this process in our next segment.


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