Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 3

Making a Steak Knife Set: Part 3

Every steak knife presentation or display box is made with many hours of care and attention to detail not normally found in today's world.

Now that the steak knives have been made, before sending them in for final handle sealing and oiling, he will make the racks which will hold them within one of his presentation boxes. Each set of racks is custom fit for each set of knives. No portion of any set is mass produced, or a one-size-fits-all product.  The rack will hold the knives perfectly for the customer for whom it is intended just as he will also adjust the handles to fit each customer's own individual needs upon request.

First, he will sort through our supply of lumber to find wood that will compliment the knives in color and style. Care will be taken to select wood for the box sides that has appealing feature and for the box lid that will look striking viewed both from the outside and to accent the knives when viewed with the box open. He will then mill and plane the wood to exact specifications to fit the racks. At that time, before the sides and lid are cut to exact size, he will again check the wood color, curl and feature.

On sets with presentation boxes, it is not unusual for him to take two or three hours finding just the perfect piece of wood he wants to use.  Wood that does not pass his rigid quality control standards for our signature presentation and display boxes will be used elsewhere.

For box making, small electric home tools are used, but there isn't a fancy machine nor a CNC machine in sight: the entire process is still extensively hands-on workmanship. Each presentation or display box will be internally joined, then glued and pressed using extra-strong construction glues.  Much care will be taken during these steps to assure a high-quality product. Your box will have the strength and durability of the highest grade custom-made furniture.

We will continue with more detail about what goes into making a Salter Fine Cutlery steak knife set in our 4th segment next week.  Please let us know your questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.



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