Your Knives are so pretty; can they be used?

Bespoke handcrafted steak knife set in presentation box

At Salter Fine Cutlery, we are proud to offer you a product that is unique, a piece of functional art, and amazingly beautiful. Particularly so when paired with one of our curly koa wood presentation boxes, stands, or knife blocks. Plus, each one is completely handmade.

We collaborate with some of the finest traditional blacksmiths in Japan to offer you the highest quality steak and chef knives available anywhere. Our knives, unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions, have all been individually hand-forged from a single solid piece of the best Japanese stainless or carbon steels. We are proud to offer you a product that is unique, artistic, and of the very highest quality.

Unless otherwise requested, all of our handles and boxes are made using beautiful and exotic Hawaiian hardwoods. Our signature curly koa wood is one of the rarest woods in the world and grows only in Hawaii. Each and every handle, box or stand is individually constructed here in our Hawaii workshop.

We use a number of sealing and finishing products designed to give you years and years of use. In short, in answer to the question in the title of this blog, YES, a resounding yes, your knives can and should be used! I personally use and have used both our steak and chef knives almost daily for many years and they still look and function as good as the day I got them.

Just remember to follow the tips for use and care you will receive with your knives for years of trouble-free use and sharpen regularly. Or, send them to us for sharpening or refinishing, when they do need sharpening. And we offer free handle refreshing with every sharpening as a complimentary service for all of our clients.

Have a question?  You are ALWAYS most welcome to write or call. We are here to help long after the sale is done.

You can always reach us, Hawaii time zone, at: 808-883-0128 or

12-piece custom handmade steak knife set in presentation box.

This completely handcrafted and hand-forged chef knife set will give years and years of trouble-free service



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