At Salter Fine Cutlery, We Stand By What We Sell

30-piece knife set resharpened and handles refreshed

Whether in an ultra-modern or traditional setting, in a cozy mountain or ocean retreat, our knives will add a special flair to your dining or entertaining experience. And you can rest assured that your investment will give you years of excellent service because we stand by every knife we sell.

When you purchase a knife or knife set from Salter Fine Cutlery, the service does not stop when it leaves the workshop. Every knife has been created with hours and hours of hand labor and each piece is guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship or quality.

We also provide you with some tips to help you protect your new knives and get the maximum enjoyment out of them for many, many years.

Of course, all knives will need sharpening and maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. And we will be here to help you.

Questions are always welcome and we are happy to guide you with knife handling, care or maintenance tips.

Professional sharpening with whet stones, edge re-grinding, and tip repair services are always available. 

Our sharpening rates are nominal for our clients and always include free handle refreshing as part of the service. 

If you would rather sharpen them yourself, we will assist you with advice and how-to videos at no charge.  We may also be able to recommend reputable sharpening services near where you live.

And if you have inadvertantly damaged or abused your knife or knives, we will help fix it as best as possible for labor costs plus shipping. 

We welcome you to contact us with questions about our after-sale care and warranty.

30-piece steak knife set after resharpening and handle refurbishing service



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