Why purchase a handmade knife-Part 4

Pair of 270mm Japanese chef knives by Salter Fine Cutlery

In part 3 of this series, we talked about partial tang or 'wa' handle Japanese knives and the difference in the quality of tang design in our partial tang knife offerings versus most others. We also discussed what a 'wa' handle knife is. If you missed that installment, simply press the previous post button until reaching it.

Today, we are going to discuss the steels and finish options of the blades.

Because we work in collaboration with several highly trained and skilled Japanese blacksmiths, all making their blades using both top quality steels and time-honored traditional forging methods, you can rest assured you are getting a well-made knife of exceptional quality. Because each blademaker is an expert in his own field, each also specializes in certain steels and finishes.This enables us to offer a nice variety of choices to you, our customers.

We offer our "wa" handled (partial tang) knife styles in both traditional carbon steels as well as high tech modern powder metal die stainless steels. All of these steels are made in Japan, though we have on occasion special ordered blades from custom blacksmiths in both the USA and Scotland.

Some of these blademakers specialize in mirror polished finishes, some in a more rustic looking hammered finish, another with a beautiful black matte finish, and one even makes his own damascus pattern on either shirogami carbon steel or stainless gingami3 steel.

Another advantage of a partial tang knife is that there are many options for handle design. When the tang is completely encased in wood, Gregg can create any size or shape handle you may desire. We once created a special bird-wing design on a set of steak knives destined to our client's private hunting lodge. Handles can be simple and rustic looking, ethnic, large or small to fit a chef's own hand or small and elegant to blend with a favorite table setting. They can be simple or highly decorated to show your personality.

With a handmade knife, the choice is yours. The reasons for choosing a handmade knife?  Simply this:

  • Quality
  • Feel
  • Artistry

Special order chef knives with black matte finish plus ebony and kiawe wood handles

Partial tang knives lend themselves to a variety of handle shapes like this ethnic Scottish design 

Hand-forged Aogami steel with a rustic looking hammered finish and simple faceted design handle

The original collectible "Combat Chef Knife" with decorative curved handle and finger grips by Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery

Gregg and the "Original Combat Chef Knife"




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