Order Early-All Products Are Truly Handmade!

Custom 4-piece chef knife set in block stand with our custom "combat" handles

We specialize in very high quality completely handcrafted chef and steak knife sets, collectible knives and custom boxes. In addition, we can make a large variety of custom individual chef knives, hunting knives and folding knives.

Every item is handmade from start to finish. Each handle and box is custom created to fit the specific blade and design requests to create a one-of-a-kind set for you, our customer. Certain special blades must also be custom ordered and designed for our bladesmiths in Japan. 

What does this mean when ordering?  

First and foremost,  you are truly receiving a product that is functional art and not just 'buying a knife'.

Second, it will take time. Unless we have pre-made an item for instant purchase, which you may find on our "Quick Gifts" page, it will have to be made.

We value every one of our customers and are so very pleased that we have many, many repeat customers.  

We thank you all for your patience while we try to make your knife or knife set the best one we have ever made!

Custom 4-piece chef knife set in block stand

Beginning stages of making a decorative metal fitting for a knife

Creating a metal fitting for a knife

First stages of creating a knife handle. Lots more follow.

One of our blade makers making a chef knife





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