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Gregg Salter Knives get mention in Luxury Magazine Feature Article

Exciting news today when Luxury Magazine highlighted our custom chef knives and sets in a recent feature article.

According to a quote in the article, "As a chef, your knife is an extension of your hand; it's a tool that's a representation of your work,..."    We could not agree more and were proud to be chosen as one of the knife-makers featured in this informative and well-written article.

To read the entire article, or even just look at all the pretty pictures, click the link:

 The article is titled "Chop Chop". You can see it by flipping to pages 176 through 178.

19-piece custom handcrafted steak and chef knife set in handcrafted knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery

Bespoke cutlery combination chef-steak knife set in traditional style knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery



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