Bloomberg says Salter Fine Cutlery Knives are Gifts Worth Giving

2-piece steak knife set in keepsake box as featured in Bloomberg Pursuits

Bloomberg Says Salter Fine Cutlery Knives Are Gifts Worth Giving

Looking for the ideal holiday gift? Bloomberg announced this week that you need look no further than Salter Fine Cutlery. Our handcrafted collectible cutlery caught the attention of the most discerning gift buyers, earning us a top spot in the Food & Drinks category of their “The 2017 Pursuits Gift Guide” that came out earlier this week.

Bloomberg’s standards for selecting the perfect gift were backed by Philip Hewat-Jabor, chairman of the Masterpiece London art fair, who said that the art of giving is to find an item that is something “you would miss yourself.” It’s buying something so thoughtful that it stands apart as being very personal and unique.

As a small artisan-based based company striving to make the very best handcrafted cutlery available, we are ecstatic to be held to such high standards for inclusion on this list. Every piece we create is meticulously crafted with days, sometimes weeks, of handwork to ensure that every knife—from a steak knife to a chef knife—is a beautiful piece of functional art.

If you are looking for a memorable gift that is sure to impress (and maybe one that you will be a little sad to part with yourself), we’d be happy to create a completely customizable, heirloom-quality specialty knife, chef knife or set, or steak knife set to wow the lucky recipient. We also have a limited selection of items already made and ready to ship in time for this holiday season.

Contact us today at 808-883-0128 for help selecting the perfect gift.

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2-piece steak knife set as featured in Bloomberg Pursuits 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

18-piece steak knife set in presentation box by Salter Fine Cutlery


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