New Product: X-Pattern Hammered Chef Knives ready soon for the New Year

2-piece chef knife set with hand-forged Japanese blades and decorative handles from Salter Fine Cutlery

At Salter Fine Cutlery, we specialize in offering unique handcrafted functional art for the home. Our work was called "Artistry with an Edge!" by a satisfied customer several years ago. We liked the compliment so much, it became our motto. 

We pair our commitment to quality with the blade-making artistry of some of the finest traditional blademakers in Japan.

Gregg is still busy in the workshop making knives, but unfortunately, while we welcome your purchase, it will now be impossible to get anything not yet finished to you before Christmas due to delays in holiday shipping from Hawaii. Should you choose to reserve or purchase any of the "Currently in Construction" knives shown on our Quick Gifts page, we will be happy to send a photo and card to give the recipient and ship the knives just as quickly as possible. 

Want a special gift, but don't mind it arriving after Christmas? Gregg will soon be finished with a very unique two-piece chef knife set. It should be ready to ship by Christmas or shortly after. This set wil have one chef knife with a 210mm (approximate 8") blade and a smaller utility knife with a 135mm (5-1/3 inch) blade and beautiful Hawaiian curly koa wood handles with decorative accents. Purchase the knives only or request a custom stand or box to hold your new knives.

Hurry and reserve one of our remaining products for gifts this holiday season, or plan ahead and order a special set or custom display box for that summer wedding or anniversary.

Happy Holidays from Gregg and Marie.

2-piece chef knife set featuring x-pattern hammered finish 210mm and 135mm blades from Salter Fine Cutlery

Hand-forged SRS13 stainless steel chef knife with unique x-pattern hammered blade

Gregg with Takeshi Saji, the bladesmith who made these amazing blades, in Japan

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