Question: "Will your koa wood go with my decor?"

Question: "Will your koa wood go with my decor?"

If you are new to our blog or web site, we make handmade custom knives and knife sets. Every single knife is completely hand-forged and handmade from start to finish. It also means that every handle is individually made to compliment each knife we make.

You may also have noticed that almost all of the knives shown on our web site feature Hawaiian curly koa wood. However, although koa wood is certainly a very rare and gorgeous wood that lends itself to compliment many different decors due to the variances in color and feature within the wood itself, we can and do make knife handles or boxes from a wide variety of woods, either woods from Hawaii, the mainland, or other exotic woods from around the world.  

If you have a beautiful mahogany or oak dining table, wenge floor or counter top, or walnut cabinets, no problem. We can use either the same specie of wood for your handles or a handle material that will compliment your own decor. In many woods, we can often obtain highly figured pieces of wood or wood burl in the same specie as your cabinets.

You may also choose horn handles or bolster materials. The only exception to this is that we are very environmentally conscious and will not offer handles of ivory or any endangered species.  

You may also pick your own choice of bolster materials and colored accents. Making your set become a reflection of YOU and YOUR own unique tastes is not only fun, but adds your own personality to your cooking or dining experience.

Let's chat. Give us a call and see how much fun a great set of knives is to own.

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