"Decorative Options: What are they?"

"Decorative Options: What are they?"

There is nothing that adds warmth and comfort to a wonderful meal like the feel of a real wood handle as your knife glides like butter through any meat or entree. Just as candles add warmth and an inviting atmosphere, the same holds true for a great handmade steak knife with the richness of an exotic wood handle. 

We have been very fortunate to have received photos from our customers of their knives being used in everything from elegant table settings to outdoor dining, and they all looked amazing!  Whether in an ultra-modern or traditional setting, in a cozy mountain or ocean retreat, our knives will add a special flair to your dining or entertaining experience.

This week, I am answering another recent question.

Perhaps you have looked at our home page and like the set of steak knives shown, but aren't a fan of the red stripe between the bolster and the main body of wood in the handle. No problem!  That red accent is only one possible decorative option that YOU choose.

We can offer a wide variety of colored or metal decorative options, or none at all. Color choices available in any knife include: black, white, gray, red, an orange-ish red, a very muted cinnamon color, blue, green, yellow or even a selection of metals. 

You may also choose to add a section of another specie of wood and surround it with color.

Or, if you have a very modern table setting and want simple more solid colors, we can make your handles from wood only or even other composite materials that will compliment your decor. For example, you may choose ebony only handles or a very white woods if your table setting is ultra-modern with lots of whites or blacks.  

Call us. Let's start a dialog and we will make your ordering process both easy and fun.

Handmade steak knife set with decorative options of long ebony bolster and red accents

12-piece handcrafted steak knife set with decorative options of narrow stainless steel bolster, black and white accents and muted red-toned wood handles

 R2 stainless handcrafted steak knife set with brass bolsters and black accent options

Handcrafted 8-piece steak set with golden toned wood handles, short ebony bolsters and white accent

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