Customized Engraving For Chef or Steak Knives & Sets: Part 2

180mm Salter Fine Cutlery bunka design chef knife with custom engraving for a professional chef handcrafted by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

What can be engraved on a chef or steak knife?

Custom bunka all purpose luxury chef knife with personalized engraved name in bold font from Salter Fine Cutlery


Stainless steel blades can be engraved with either laser scratch or black chemical etching on reverse of side or on same side of blade that the bladesmith has signed

Carbon Steel blades can be engraved with laser scratch etching

Salter Fine Cutlery offers knife engraving in a number of fonts to personalize your gift

If you want something fun on your knife, we can also offer chemical etching of logos or some images. If it is possible, we are happy to oblige.

Custom engraving available on Salter Fine Cutlery chef knives


Stainless steel bolsters can be engraved with your choice of laser scratch etching or black chemical etching.

Brass or Nickel-silver bolsters can be engraved with laser scratch etching

Laser engraving on steak knife bolsters by request from Salter Fine Cutlery

Handle Wood:

We are sorry, but we do not normally engrave the wood portion of any wood handle because doing so encourages three future problems with your handles. We want you to love your knife for many, many years and therefore discourage handle wood engraving unless you insist.

  1. Bacteria accumulation in the engraving
  2. Degradation of the engraved wood itself through wear and tear and washing over time 
  3. On curly woods like koa wood, it can encourage flaking of certain letters that may be included in the engraving and therefore resulting over time in worn or illegible appearance (For example, the little raised portions from letter 'e' or 'a'.

However, we are happy to offer wood engraving on boxes or serving boards.

Box engraving by request with your logo or special request from Salter Fine Cutlery

What is the difference between chemical etching and laser scratch etching?

See our next blog post for more information.

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