Customized Engraving For Chef or Steak Knives & Sets: Part 1

Luxury handmade steak knife set from Salter Fine Cutlery with custom handle bolster engraving

Whether you are a professional chef who needs your knife personalized for use in a busy professional environment, or if you would like to personalize your own custom steak set or chef knife for a special gift, we can help. 

Sample of laser scratch engraving on Salter Fine Cutlery bolsters

Most of our steak and chef knives can be engraved. In this blog series, you will find more information regarding what we can recommend and can or cannot do for your engraving request.

First, we do not engrave the knives ourselves. We leave that to a professional who makes custom engraving his business. He offers a small but nice selection of fonts. He can also engrave your company logo on any knife. 

Go Bold or Subtle with script fonts!

You can choose the size and style or let us choose for you. 

Custom engraved Raptor chef knife by Salter Fine Cutlery

There are several script font styles. Above and below are a couple samples from gifts for loved ones or wedding gifts. 

Custom engraved gift chef knife for wife in beautiful keepsake box by SalterFineCutlery

Subtle script font engraving for a wedding gift chef knife from SalterFineCutlery

Fonts for Professional Chefs:

A special knife is the perfect way to celebrate your, or your favorite chef's promotion! 

If your gift knife will be used in a professional environment, many chefs prefer a large, bold look that proudly proclaims the owner of this special knife. 

If your loved one is a professional chef, but the knife will likely be kept as his/her home knife, choose a style that reflects their personality or yours to them. 

Below are a couple samples of fonts we have been asked to use for professional chefs working in busy kitchens with multiple chefs.

Celebrate a promotion or new achievement with bold block fonts!

Custom luxury hand-forged chef knife for a professional chef by Salter Fine Cutlery

Engraved custom hand-forged chef knife for professional chef from SalterFineCutlery

 Want to learn more about personalization of your knife or knife set?

How about corporate engraving?

We will answer these questions and more in future segments of this blog series. Please check back often.

Be sure to read Part 2 of our knife personalization blog series coming soon!

 Send us your comments or questions and I will answer them in another blog post.

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