Searching for a Gift?

240mm chef knife for professional chefs from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Searching for a gift? It's never too early to order!

Handmade takes time.

Every item we offer is handmade from start to finish. That takes time. We understand, in many cases, you are looking at our products for someone special as an expression of your love.

To offer you the best possible expression of your sentiment, Gregg makes every knife, knife set and box with the time, attention to detail, care and love that you and your loved ones deserve.

But, if at all possible, order early! 

When not possible to order early, check out our Quick Gifts page for what is ready to ship now, plus items currently being made.

Small gift? Ask us, we may be able to help. We try to keep a selection of blades on hand for our most requested sizes and sets.

Large set? Allow time, both for the bladesmith to hand-forge each blade and for Gregg to make the handles, boxes, stands or knife block. 

What can we offer as a last minute suggestion they will love? Here are just a sampling of some current items ready for quick shipping and gifting:

  • The perfect chef knife
  • A beautiful small chef knife set in an equally beautiful keepsake box
  • A great slicer or carving knife for outdoor grilling
  • A carving knife for large roasts, briskets or ribs
  • A personal steak knife or small steak knife set
  • An accessory for the man cave

 Click HERE to see all our currently available ready-to-ship products:

What is made and ready to ship now? In preparation for the gifting season, we have been making lots of beautiful products in an array of price points. Below are a few samples of what you will find on our Quick Gifts page.

Gifts for Professional Chefs or Traditionalists

  • 240mm (9.5 inch blade)
  • Shirogami carbon steel cutting edge for the sharpest blades possible 
  • Stainless steel clad sides with a black matte finish
  • Beautiful and unique decorative workhorse handle built to last in any kitchen
  • Offered as knife only, but you can request an optional sheath, knife roll, stand or box

240mm chef knife for professional chefs with shirogami carbon steel cutting edge and beautiful decorative hardworking handle from Salter Fine Cutlery

Paring or Bar Knife

  • 85mm (approx 3-1/3 inch long) blade
  • Raptor Series
  • Comfortable artist-series handle made to fit a man's hand
  • Add an optional sheath, stand or box

Click for more information: Paring Knife

Paring or Bar Knife with artist-series handle and 3.5 inch Raptor design blade by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

2-piece Chef Knife Set with handcrafted Keepsake Box

  • Our top-of-the-line Charybdis whirlpool damascus chef knives
  • R2 stainless steel
  • 180mm meat and vegetable knife
  • 170mm all-purpose chef knife
  • Artist-series handles featuring rare curly Hawaiian koa wood handles
  • Handcrafted curly koa wood keepsake box

2-piece chef knife set including a handcrafted curly koa wood keepsake box from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

2-piece luxury chef knife set in handcrafted curly Hawaiian koa wood keepsake box by Salter Fine Cutlery


 Carving Knife with Bowie Decorative Handle and Belt Sheath

  • 240mm hand-forged carving knife. Use on roasts, briskets or ribs
  • Clip-point design
  • Hollow ground
  • Brass decorative fittings
  • Beautiful curly Hawaiian koa wood handle
  • Includes decorative handmade leather belt or storage sheath

Click to learn more: Carving Knife

240mm Carving Knife Charybdis whirlpool damascus collectible knife with fun bowie style handle and belt sheath from Salter Fine Cutlery


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