Ordering a Custom Steak Knife Set

Ordering a Custom Steak Knife Set

Each steak knife set we make is completely handmade. Our blades have been hand-forged in Japan by a Japanese bladesmith to our own design specifications and the handles and boxes are made here at our workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii. Because both our blademaker and Gregg are making each knife the old-fashioned way without the aid of fancy machinery, they take quite a bit of labor, time, skill, and love of what they do to achieve the high quality results we are known for.

We are often asked 'why aren't your prices listed?' The answer is simply this: as a custom product, every order has special requests and there are many options available. When we attempted to list prices, it created more confusion than we would have liked. 

If you are interested in owning a really high quality and unique steak knife set, here is what you need to know:

  • Every set is fully guaranteed for quality and workmanship. 
  • It will take time to make your set and rushing will not result in better results. Quality takes time. We do try to offer at least one pre-made set at all times which can be seen on our 'Quick Gifts' page.
  • You may choose the blade finish you like. Currently we have in stock VG10 damascus, R2 clad (no pattern and with a satin finish) and Shirogami carbon core. The prices are different on each because the steel prices are different for our bladesmiths.
  • You may choose from a variety of handle options. The part nearest the blade is called a bolster. You can see these options by clicking  'Material Samples' at the bottom of our home page.
  • There are many decorative options. Choose plain and simple, lots of color or 'the works'
  • Pick your own storage system that fits your taste and budget. Whether just knives only, drawer storage racks, counter stand, storage gift or keepsake box, or our beautiful presentation boxes designed for display in your living or dining area, we are happy to create the custom set you want.

Start by looking at our two information pages. Pick the look you most like, contact us, and we will be happy to give you a detailed quote and make YOU an heirloom set that you will be proud to use for years or give as a special gift.

Now accepting orders for holiday delivery.

Gregg making a steak knife handle

Gregg making bolsters for a steak knife set

Trimming excess wood from the handle slabs

Shaping and sanding each handle by hand to an amazing 3000 grit

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