Making New Steak Knife Sets

Making New Steak Knife Sets

Custom steak knife sets are our specialty.  And, for the past few weeks, Gregg has been very busy making some special order sets in presentation boxes. 

We have a good supply of steak knife blades in stock, including VG10 damascus, R2 satin clad finish, and shirogami carbon forged blades. Plus, you can order your set with a single wood only handle of your favorite wood, with our signature curly koa wood, or with your choice of an added ebony, nickel-silver, brass, or stainless steel bolster.

Because each custom request is truly custom in some way, it is very difficult to post prices to cover each variable without causing mass confusion.  However, we are always more than happy to provide custom quotes and per knife pricing.  

For large sets of 10 or more pieces, we suggest a beautiful presentation box to proudly display your set permanently on a buffet or in the dining or living area. There is simply no more beautiful way to display these knives.  However, we also welcome orders in either a keepsake box, simple gift box, drawer storage rack only, or just knives only.

If an heirloom quality gift sounds like something you would like to give...or receive this holiday season, now is the time to order and we will be more than happy to assist you.

If you have not seen it, there is a really pretty small 8-piece set ready for instant shipping now in our "quick gifts" section. We try to keep at least one set pre-made and ready to go at all times for those important last-minute gifts.  

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10-piece custom steak knife set in presentation box by Salter Fine Cutlery

Hawaiian koa wood presentation box for 10-piece steak knife set

10-piece custom handmade steak knife set in open presentation box

Close up detail of Salter Fine Cutlery custom handmade steak knives in box


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