News: New Blades Arriving Soon!

Best handcrafted bespoke steak knife set in display box by Salter Fine Cutlery

Been waiting to see what's new this winter from Salter Fine Cutlery?

Well, we do indeed have some good news to announce. This week we will be receiving a newly designed hand-forged carving fork and the first in our new line of carving sets. These have been made as a new addition to our Charybdis line of fine chef knives. 

Also, coming are some long awaited steak knife blades with hammer forging marks. Our bladesmiths are extremely busy, some with waiting queues of a year or more, so if you have been considering ordering one of our steak knife sets with hammered finish VG10 stainless core damascus blades, now is the best time to do so because our stock will be limited.

More exciting new knives have also just arrived recently, including our new Kiku Combat Chef MkII and other Kiku hunting knife blades. A couple have just been made, so be sure to check back soon or contact us to order one with your own custom handle interpretation.

And just in case you would like to see some previous sets of our hammered steak knife blades, here are a few examples.

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Or contact us any time at 808-883-0128 for more information.

The best steak knife set is not just about a sharp knife! This custom hand-forged set by Salter Fine Cutlery includes hammered blades with ebony bolsters and a beautiful custom handcrafted display box.


Beautiful Hawaiian exotic wood handles and box create a stunning 12-piece custom steak knife set

This 8-piece hammered steak set featured brass bolsters with black and white accents and included a handcrafted matching koa wood keepsake box.

Salter Fine Cutlery steak knife sets can be ordered in any quantity, with or without a box, in stands or in-drawer storage systems.


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