Announcing the First Combat "Chef" Knife MkII

Salter-Kiku Combat Chef MkII with Gambler Special handle and display box

We are proud to announce we are now offering the newest edition of our exclusive Combat Chef Knife MkII.

This Limited Edition Series Combat Chef MkII is one of our most exclusive chef knife blades available. The OU-31 blades are individually hand-forged to our design specifications by the Japanese master blade-maker and grinder, Kiku Matsuda. 

Kiku’s trademark subtle Damascus pattern and textured matte finish make this an absolutely impressive looking blade; his trademark ‘magic hand’ Appleseed grind makes it incredibly sharp. The 5mm thick blade and finger notch along the top of the spine makes this knife a hefty combination of tactical hunter and chef knife. This is a knife-lovers knife!

There will only be a limited release of four of these blades, making them an exclusive and rare collectible opportunity.

For inspiration, we present the first of these knives, which has been crafted with a gambler themed handle, handcrafted custom leather sheath and displayed in a gambler themed wall-hanging handcrafted shadow box. 

The handle and box are made from rare Hawaiian curly koa wood, with the handle made from our most rare old-growth wood. 

The handle features inlaid playing card designs hand-cut with small files out of hand-forged mokume damascus. The metal in the mokume inserts is a combination of nickel-silver, brass and copper. It will develop a striking multi-colored damascus patina. Also included in the handle are ebony accents and nickel silver hand-filed decorative accents. The handguard of nickel-silver has been fashioned into a heart shape to complete the gambler theme.

The box has also been fashioned of Hawaiian curly koa wood with a glass lid. The lid opens from the bottom and both knife and sheath can be readily and easily removed and worn...or just played with! The box includes two locking catches for extra security.

We have two of these most gorgeous blades remaining. Each blade has been signed by Kiku and have both the Kiku and Salter Logos.

You may choose to order your Limited Edition MkII Combat Chef knife with either a presentation box or custom glass display box for table top or wall display. (Sorry, this offer is so exclusive that we are not accepting orders for knife only.)

No two knives will be identical because each handle and presentation will be different. Use this knife as inspiration for your own custom handle design or ask Gregg to create something unique just for you.

For questions or quotes please contact us at 808-883-0128.

Salter Fine Cutlery and Kiku Collaboration Combat Chef Knife MkII with Gambler handle and wall display presentation


Combat Chef MkII with Gambler Special Handle interpretation and custom sheath

Custom heart shaped hand guard on our Salter Fine Cutlery collectible Combat Chef MkII

Kiku and Gregg Salter Collaboration collectible knife with gambler handle interpretation

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