Newest Additions: More Charybdis Collectible Styles/Options

New Steak or Utility Knife Charybdis Collection by Salter Fine Cutlery

Unique in design and beauty, hand-forged of the highest quality Japanese steels, and with handles individually made by custom request. Functional art for the home; the definition of our collectible line of chef and steak knives.

Now, to add to this collection, which we call our 'Charybdis' collection because of the unique whirlpool pattern which has been made one swirl at a time completely by hand by our bladesmith in Japan, we offer two new additions.

In addition to our petite steak knife with 1/2 damascus patterning and 4-3/4 blade, we now offer a new full whirlpool pattern damascus finish in a 5 inch long and wider blade choice. Either blade can be made with your choice of handle shape, style and decorative options. From simple, modern and minimalistic to pure eye-candy artistic, we can make it to suit your style!

Plus, now in addition to our chef knife line including blades in several sizes, you can choose this clip-point version or another new petty version, also in 130mm length. We also have a new paring knife in 3-1/2" blade length.

Build your set with any of these blade choices, or ask us to make a special size or style just for you! Here is a list of current choices.

  • 240mm chef knife (approx 9.5" blade)
  • 240mm carving knife (approx 9.5" blade)
  • 210mm chef knife (approx 8" blade)
  • 170mm small chef knife (approx 6-3/4" blade)
  • 130mm petty (approx 5" blade)
  • 130mm clip point steak or utility knife (approx 5" blade)
  • 120mm clip point steak or utility knife (approx 4-3/4" blade)
  • 90mm paring knife (approx 3-1/2" blade)
  • Carving Fork (approx 5-1/2" slightly flared and rounded tines)

For more examples, please visit 'The Charybdis Collection' at

Currently accepting custom orders. Contact us at 808-883-0128. (Hawaii time zone)

Custom handmade steak or utility knife stainless damascus by Salter Fine Cutlery

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Small handforged chef knife set with magnetic stand and integrated sharpening rod by Salter Fine Cutlery

Custom handmade Charybdis collectible chef knife set in knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery

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