More New Chef and Steak Blades Arriving Soon

Custom handmade best chef and steak knife sets in any size exotic Hawaiian woods Salter Fine Cutlery

Our bladesmiths have been busy!

Coming this week, we are excited to announce new hand-forged chef knives in SRS13 stainless core damascus steel. They have been made by the same bladesmith and in our same unique Salter Fine Cutlery culinary knife designs seen throughout our web site. They will also have a very lovely damascus pattern quite similar to that of our VG10 series of chef and steak knives.

Quantities will be very limited, so order or contact us now for photos or pricing.

Knives are listed by blade sizes. Sizes available will be:

  • 120mm (approx 4-3/4 inch) petty
  • 160mm (approx 6-1/4 inch) small chef knife
  • 170mm (approx 6-3/4 inch) santoku
  • 210mm (approx 8 inch) standard chef knife

These new chef knives will perfectly compliment our VG10 damascus steak knives. 

For the best in handcrafted quality and workmanship and a unique presentation piece for any kitchen decor, consider adding a steak knife set and block stand to any chef knife order.

We also have damascus steak knife blades in stock and available now and are currently accepting orders for holiday 2018 and early 2019 delivery.

Custom chef and steak knife set in stand by Salter Fine Cutlery

Large handmade steak and chef knife set with matching stand from Salter Fine Cutlery

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