All new: Rustic Steak Knives Just Arrived: Orders being accepted.

New rustic black hammer finish steak knives from Salter Fine Cutlery

We are happy to announce a new steak knife! The "Dragon"-series! Born of fire with a rugged heavily hammered black finish plus high-polished subtle damascus lines near the blade edge.

If you enjoy outdoor dining, grill parties, or just love a rugged and rustic look but with a touch of fine dining, you will love these new knives.

Each knife has been hand-forged from VG10 stainless steel by a new blacksmith in Japan, and we are excited to introduce his work to you.

Made from solid bar stock, they are of full tang construction and have a thicker gauge than most of our steak knives which we believe will be a perfect match for those BBQ briskets, ribs and steaks! 

Best described as having a rustic look about them without being rustic makes them versatile in any setting, while particularly suited to outdoor dining. 

Whether at a mountain lodge, or at an outdoor grill and dining area near the coast, these are guaranteed to add a sense of fun and adventure to any meal. 

Unique, masculine, no two identical! 

Be the first to own these very cool new blades!

New rustic trailblazer style steak knives VG10 hand-forged stainless steel from Salter Fine Cutlery

 Order with your choice of handle materials. Choose curly koa wood or something more rustic looking. Order with a black, metal or faux stone bolster.

We just received our first shipment of these very interesting blades and have 14 currently available. Order 2, 4, 6, 10, 12 or all 14!  For larger orders, we can have this blacksmith make more to suit your needs!

Contact us to order, request pricing, or answer your questions:  808-883-0128


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Aug 14, 2021 • Posted by Tom Bodkin

How much are the steak knives?

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