New 'Dragon' Steak Knives

Introducing our new 'Dragon' series steak knives from Salter Fine Cutlery

We love what we do and love bringing new ideas to your homes. Our newest collaboration is called the 'Dragon' series and the first set has just been completed.  

14-piece luxury cutlery set from Salter Fine Cutlery featuring our new 'Dragon' series steak knife blades

Why Dragon?

When these blades first arrived from this Japanese bladesmith, we were struck by the beauty of this combination of a rustic and highly polished finish he had created to our own Salter Fine Cutlery design. I teased that they looked like they had been kissed along the top of the blade by a fire-breathing dragon, and the name stuck.

Detail view of our Dragon steak knife series which can be ordered with your choice of handle materials luxury bespoke cutlery from Salter Fine Cutlery

This knife will feel equally at home in a casual outdoor living environment or gracing your holiday table. They can be ordered with your choice of handle materials to create a look that compliments your own dinnerware or dining area.

14-piece handmade luxury steak knife set from Salter Fine Cutlery

This set features a variety of curly Hawaiian koa wood handles showing the many variations seen in this remarkable wood. The koa wood has been kiln-dried from reclaimed and legally harvested trees. 

We have added brass bolsters and pins, plus black accents to this set, but you can place your special order with a variety of custom handle options. Click HERE to learn more about ordering a custom set of your own:

Want to learn more about these high-quality knives? 

  • Blade length: approx 5 inches
  • Overall knife length: approx 10 inches
  • Blade thickness: approx 2.5mm at widest point tapering to the tip
  • Full-tang construction from a single piece of steel: no welded components
  • Hand-forged in Japan to Salter Fine Cutlery designs
  • Each blade signed in kanji by the bladesmith
  • VG10 layered damascus 'stainless' steel
  • Each handle created by hand at our Hawaii workshop

We offer several storage options, but by far, the most requested on larger sets is our handcrafted presentation box. This set has been handsomely displayed in a handcrafted, very dark wenge wood, presentation box. Gregg picked a piece of wenge with a very featured grain pattern to create an appealing, eye-catching yet subtle look.

Handcrafted wenge wood presentation box to hold a 14-piece steak knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery

This box has a polished tung-oiled finish that will look beautiful displayed with most furniture from traditional to modern.

If you have been considering an investment in a custom heirloom quality steak knife set of any size, give us a call or email us. We would love to help.

Allow plenty of time because each set is truly handmade and high-quality takes time to make.

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