New Carving Knives for Instant Holiday Gift-Giving

New Carving Knives for Instant Holiday Gift-Giving

We have made a couple special gift ideas for someone special on your holiday gift list. Just released for instant sale and shipping. Read on and visit our Quick Gifts for these and other holiday offerings. 

Only one piece of each of our holiday offerings were custom made especially for the master turkey or roast beef carver at your holiday table.

One is sleek, simple and modern; the other ornate and fun.

Both blades were individually hand-forged in Japan to our exclusive Salter Fine Cutlery design specs and have 240mm (approximately 9.5 inch long blades) of super high quality cutlery stainless steel. They have a hollow point grind for ease in carving large roasts.

Part of our "Charybdis" Collectible series, these knives are unlike any other you have ever seen. Every small whirlpool in the unique whirlpool damascus pattern was made by hand by the bladesmith. Each blade is signed in kanji with both his name and tradename. Each blade is completely made by hand because this bladesmith also makes his own billets. No large modern machines were used in the making of these knives. Luxury and old-fashioned handcraftsmanship are embodied in every knife.

Luxury carving knife unique bowie or one-of-a-kind handmade collectible this knife will please any knife enthusiast from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii


For the adventurer on your holiday gift list, this one-of-a-kind artist collectible will be equally at home on your holiday table or strapped to his hip next summer during large grill parties. A carving knife, a bowie knife, a cool collectible knife. 

The full tang handle features super old-growth curly Hawaiian koa wood with brass decorative bolster and pommel bolster, plus brass pins, one decorative mosaic pin, and a unique custom handmade leather sheath, also with brass accoutrements and beautiful hand-tooling. 

Bowie knife or carving knife this luxury collectible from Salter Fine Cutlery comes with handmade decorative belt sheath


Want something clean and mean? Something that will function like a dream, is worthy of handing down to a future generation, boasts old-fashioned craftsmanship, but looks great with a modern home? 

Then choose this full-tang carver with a solid curly Hawaiian koa wood handle with a modern faceted shape and solid nickel-silver peened pins.

Charybdis collection luxury carving knife with solid curly Hawaiian koa wood handle from Salter Fine Cutlery

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