Carving Knives: Great Gifts For This Holiday Season

Carving Knives: Great Gifts For This Holiday Season

Searching for the perfect gift idea this holiday season? Consider a handmade gift that will be part of favorite family memories and an heirloom to pass down to your loved ones.

A high-quality handmade carving knife is a gift that will become a cherished part of every special holiday meal and of your best family memories. 

As a special treat this holiday, we have made two unique carving knives.

They have already been made in our workshop and are currently having the final oils and sealers applied to the handles. A special sheath is being made also for one of the knives.

Each carver features the same style blade, but each is totally unique in feel and styling.

Salter Fine Cutlery Charybdis chef and carving knives photo-early stages of making the handle

About the Blades:

  • Featuring our "Charybidis" design series with unique hand-forged whirlpool pattern. Every small whirlpool has been made and added to the pattern by hand by our extremely talented Japanese bladesmith. 
  • Blades made by a bladesmith with a long family tradition of exceptional quality going back 8 generations; his ancestor being a swordsmith during the days of the samurai. 
  • A blade with history, hand-forged using old-fashioned techniques and a pattern invented by his ancestor. No machine churned out these blades. No machine stamped patterns.
  • Blades are a full 240mm long (approximately 9.5 inches)
  • Clip-point styling designed by and made exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery by the bladesmith
  • Hollow-point grinding by the hand of the bladesmith for excellence in cutting ability of any size roast.

About the Handles:

  • Completely hand-crafted in our workshop by the owner. 
  • Each one different. Each unique.
  • Each features rare and exotic Hawaiian curly koa wood, one of the rarest and most beautiful woods in the world, growing only in Hawaii. 
  • Each featuring wood that was sustainably harvested or reclaimed.

 Knife #1:

  • Sleek, contemporary handle design. 
  • Beauty in simplicity and form.
  • Full-tang construction meaning the metal is visible around the edges of the handle like most European knives.
  • Solid curly koa wood handle. Nothing more except solid nickel-silver pins.
  • Offered as knife only. Optional sheath or box available by custom order.

Knife #2:

  • Unique luxury gift for any guy who loves knives
  • Bowie style handle; fun to use.
  • Bold styling with brass accents surrounding the koa wood on both ends of the handle
  • Handmade pigskin leather-lined sheath for belt carry when grilling or storage
  • Extra decorative sheath with hand-tooling and brass accents

 Both knives will be ready to ship soon. Contact us for pre-release live photos and pricing. 



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