Individual Chef Knives Just Made in our Workshop

2-piece handmade VG10 stainless damascus chef knife set Salter Fine Cutlery

Gregg Salter personally makes every knife handle, box or stand in our workshop. Our blades are also personally handmade by very talented blacksmiths in Japan to our own custom specifications.

Most of our products are custom orders, but we try to make knives for instant purchase every chance we get.

Coming next week will be a small selection of individual chef knives as well as a two-piece chef knife set. Keep an eye on our 'Quick Gifts' page for more details and photos when they become available.

He has made one with a stand and a very decorative handle for those looking for something a little extra special.

The others have solid koa wood handles to highlight the beauty of this incredible wood and a clean modern look. They will be available for purchase as knives only, or you may order one of our custom boxes,  counter stands, drawer rack, or wall magnetic strips to accompany your purchase.

Contact us for details as these will make a treasured holiday gift or place your custom order with us by phone or e-mail.  We are happy to take your calls and enjoy chatting with you about your individual preferences. We will help guide you to the knife that will best suit your own cooking needs.

Telephone 808-883-0128 or write to us at for more information.

Note: Photos shown are previous examples of individual and 2-piece chef sets.

2-piece handmade chef knife set with VG10 stainless damascus handforged Japanese blades and exotic handcrafted Hawaiian koa wood handles

2-piece handcrafted chef knife set with red tang accents and exotic Hawaiian hardwood handles

Handcrafted chef knife with stainless damascus 8 inch blade and exotic hardwood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery

Knives available in a variety of stand choices, boxes or magnetic racks

Any chef knife may be ordered with an optional handcrafted gift, keepsake or presentation box



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