Who is Salter Fine Cutlery;Answering your Questions--Part 2

19-piece chef and steak knife set in knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery

In this blog post, I will continue to answer your questions. We welcome any comments or questions, so please feel welcome to ask.

Question: Do you guarantee your products?  Absolutely! All of our products have a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship as long as you are the original owner or were gifted the set by the original owner.

Normal wear and tear is not guaranteed, nor is damage by improper handling or unfortunate accidents. However, if you do damage your knife or handle, tell us and we can most likely repair it for a nominal labor charge only, plus shipping costs.

19-piece combination chef knife and steak set in handmade custom knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery

Question: I've never used a Japanese knife before; is there anything I should know? Yes, there is definitely a difference between traditional Japanese and traditional European knives. The biggest difference is the weight and sharpness of the knives. We provide a list of tips with every knife we sell and would be happy to send you a copy of this list via e-mail before making your purchase. 

Beautiful chef knives can be custom made individually or in sets to fit your needs from Salter Fine Cutlery

Japanese knives are truly a pleasure to use! You will be amazed at the ability to cut ultra thin slices of vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and root veges, not to mention fish and meats with ease. I am always here to answer specific questions about knife use and will also be happy to send you little instructional videos if you like. You can also learn more by viewing our previous blog posts, where we have discussed knife handling previously.

2-piece highest-quality chef knife set in keepsake box handmade from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

We are here to help making your knife selection and purchase more fun.

We are also here to help make sure you get the knives that you will enjoy using for your cooking and dining needs and to fit your decor and lifestyle.

Give us a call: 808-883-0128

Send us an e-mail: SalterFineCutlery@gmail.com or Sales@SalterFineCutlery.com

Small paring or bar knife, a great addition to any man cave from Salter Fine Cutlery




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