The Hanshin Collectible Tanto

$ 4,000.00

This unique knife is the result of a new Salter collaboration with an 8th generation Japanese katana maker whose ancestor was the katana maker for his local Daimyo. His "An-Mon" Damascus pattern is so unique that it is registered with the Japanese government. With the unique American Bowie handle design, this collectible is a beautiful east-west blend.

  • Overall Length: 15"
  • Blade Length: 240mm


Hand-created Shirogami core Damascus. Signed in kanji by the bladesmith.


Solid Mozambique ebony with brass hilt and end caps. Brass mosaic decorative pins. Handcrafted by Gregg Salter.


Premium, rare old-growth Hawaiian koa wood and Mozambique ebony with Spanish cedar interior liner. Handcrafted by Gregg Salter.

This product available by custom order only. You may order as pictured, or with your own choice of handle materials and decorative accents. Orders are accepted for knife only, with leather or wood sheath, stand, or to include a custom hand-crafted keepsake or presentation box. 

Please contact us for a quote at 808-883-0128.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.