Custom Order Carving Sets: Individual Carving Knives

$ 760.00

We offer our custom, handcrafted individual 240mm full-tang carving knives with VG10 or R2 stainless steel blades and several bolster and decorative options.

270mm Charybdis full-tang carving set in presentation box from Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: Our newest offering-the full tang Charybdis-design series in a full-tang model with matching fork and presentation box. Fork and box are optional. Prices on this page DO NOT include the fork or box. See carving sets or contact us for set pricing.

We now also offer both our full tang version "Charybdis" and "Raptor" collections of 270mm carving knives for individual knife or set purchases with your choice of bolster and decorative options.

Scroll down for more information about these beautiful knives.


VG10 hammered pattern carving knives and sets from Salter Fine Cutlery

VG10 Hammered Individual Carving Knives:

The 240mm (approx 9.5 inch) blades are  individually hand-forged and signed by the bladesmith, and are available in a hammered Damascus finish.


270mm Charybdis full-tang carving knife with modern Euro-Asian handle design by Salter Fine Cutlery

270mm full tang Charybdis design collection carving knife from Salter Fine Cutlery

R2 stainless steel Charybdis Collection 270mm Individual Carving Knives:

The 270mm (approx 10.5 inch) blades with the full tang version from our Charybdis collection feature stainless R2 powder metal die steel and your choice of two handle styles. On these knives you may also choose a single bolster, or a bolster at both ends of the handle. For handle requests without a bolster, please contact us for custom pricing.


Hidden tang carving knives and forks with a variety of handle options bespoke luxury from Salter Fine Cutlery

Other Individual Carving Knives from our Charybdis Collection:

We also offer 240mm or 270mm carving knives or sets of this very popular style blade  with a wide variety of handle options. Visit our special "Charybdis" collection for more information and pricing on any custom decorative handle option you may see on the Charybdis Collectible page.


Raptor design full tang carving knives and sets from Salter Fine Cutlery

Raptor Carving Sets

New for 2022, we now offer a full-tang version of our Raptor carving knives or sets. Individually hand-forged from R2 stainless steel, they are made by the same bladesmith who makes our Charybdis collection. 

    We have blades in stock and available for your custom handle order. 

    Contact us with your order or order on-line from our product pages.

    For quotes or to place an order for any "charybdis collection" carving knife or set, please contact us.

     Bolster Options

    • Contoured Nickel-Silver
    • Contoured Stainless Steel
    • Contoured Brass
    • Mozambique Ebony


    Our carving knives include custom, handcrafted Hawaiian koa handles; however, a variety of exotic wood options are available upon request. Please contact us for a quotes on woods other than koa.

    Storage & Set Options

    Keepsake or presentation boxes, stands, racks, or sheaths (saya) are a perfect storage option for your new carving knife or knife and fork set. Our boxes are handcrafted and customized to match your knife order. After selecting knives on this page, see our Storage Systems to add a gift, keepsake or presentation box prior to checkout.

    Looking for a set?

    You may order any knife as either a 2-piece or 3-piece carving set.

    Contact us for set pricing.

    Please also see this other gorgeous 2-piece carving set, available with or without Hawaiian koa boxes custom-crafted to match: the Diamond Head.

    Add a Sharpening Rod to your Set

    Add a sharpening rod with matching handle to create a one-of-a-kind 3-piece carving set. Contact us for pricing.

    All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.