125mm Collectible Hunting Knife

$ 1,520.00

This special hunting and collectible knife will please any collector or outdoorsman! The OU-31 blade has been individually made by the world renowned Japanese master blade-maker and grinder, Kiku Matsuda.

Like all of our collaboration Kiku-Salter knives, no two are identical. 

Kiku’s trademark Damascus pattern and multiple bevels are truly impressive on this 125mm OU-31 blade; his trademark ‘magic hand’ grinding means it is incredibly sharp.

The damascus pattern runs throughout the tang and Gregg has left part of the tang visible to show off the beauty of the full damascus patterning.

The OU-31 blade is carbon steel, but does not rust as easily as many carbon steels. Oil it with silicone oil after use and it will maintain its distinctive look for many, many years

For the handle presentation, Gregg has chosen a beautifully featured colored curly koa wood with hand-carved notching and bevels throughout to compliment the blade.

The handle is curved and has an adjustable lanyard connected in two places.

Knife specs:

  • Blade length: approx 4.9 inches (125mm)
  • Total overall length: approx 10-1/8 inches
  • Width at widest point: approx 1-3/4 inches
  • Thickness of blade at thickest point: 5mm
  • Finger notches along top of spine near bolster

Included is a handmade decorative leather sheath made in the USA with Salter logo.

Update 5/7/2024: This knife has been sold.

Please contact us with your custom order.

 All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.