In Stock Item: Artist Series Live-Edge Cribbage Board

$ 1,250.00

This custom handcrafted Artist Series live-edge cribbage board from the workshop of Salter Fine Cutlery features a 2-track board with 120 spaces per track, decorative finishing points, and game counter sections plus area for peg storage. Not your standard cribbage board, this board features a free-flowing designed track within a Polynesian hook relief on a thick piece of live-edge rare and exotic curly Hawaiian koa wood.

Handmade pegs are included and are made from contrasting ebony and maple woods.

It is the perfect gift for any game room or the man cave! 

The board measures 23" X 9" x 1.5" thick.

No need to store this one! It is also a beautiful display or conversion piece.  

Admire it, or use it daily. 

Use for cribbage or let the kids or grandkids make up their own games. This board is meant to use and enjoy for many years.

Every cribbage board made by the owner's own hand is a one-of-a-kind art piece. Gregg imagines what shape a block of wood wants to be and creates his pieces in shapes designed to compliment our exotic koa wood.

Note: This board was a custom order and is shown here for your inspiration only. Contact us for your own custom game board. 



All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.