We Care about the Environment: We are Eco-Friendly

Old-fashioned woodworking using many hand-processes add to the eco-friendly nature of our products.

Throughout our site you will see that we specialize in making products using rare, exotic woods. Preserving the environment and the natural resources of our beautiful Island of Hawaii is as important to us as it is to you.

For this reason, we only use woods that are legally obtainable through licensed, reputable suppliers. We only use legally 'reclaimed' koa. Before purchasing any species of wood, we verify that it will be safe for the intended use.

Although we proudly offer several decorative accent materials, we will not ever use or attempt to procure materials, such as ivory, that are from endangered species or that encourage poaching of any kind. Please do not ask.


While koa is a rare wood found only in Hawaii, Hawaiian law is very strict about how koa can be harvested. The only circumstances in which koa can be legally harvested is if it is already dead, damaged, diseased, or is being removed for a state authorized public works project.

When deadfall is removed, it's done using a special process called scarification that promotes new growth by ensuring the dormant seeds in the dead wood fall out to germinate in the ground.


All of the custom, labor-intensive handwork that goes into our products not only makes them beautiful, it minimizes our carbon footprint. Because we use very few electric tools and because Gregg is usually able to work by natural light, our power consumption is no greater than that of any typical household.

We do not pollute the environment with any emissions or chemical byproducts like those big-name, higher volume but lower quality knife makers do. And, whenever possible, we use recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

When you purchase a Salter Fine Cutlery product, you can have peace of mind that we are taking every measure possible to promote an environmentally friendly business practice.

Cutting wood for a large lid with traditional Japanese saw

Adding the pins to a knife. All work is done by hand.

Old-fashioned woodworking. Artistry and eco-friendly.

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