Watching Master Artisans at Work--Part 2

Watching Master Artisans at Work--Part 2

Every Salter Fine Cutlery product is made by hand. Some of the blades are ground and sharpened by the blacksmith himself, while others are ground and sharpened by skilled specialists in their field.

Here we present a couple steps in the final grinding, polishing, and sharpening processes that go into a Salter Fine Cutlery knife.

We invite you to step into one of the last truly old-fashioned grinding shops remaining in Japan.

Inside this small traditional grinding workshop, magic happens.

Watch one of the most renowned knife grinders at work. He makes it look easy, but years and years of skill are most certainly required.

The final step is sharpening the blade to perfection. During every step along the way, he moves with the grace of a dancer, deftly making fine adjustments only he can see, but the cook can instantly feel in the perfection that has been achieved.

The final process in the grinding and polishing process, here the artist sharpens the blade to a fine edge.

 Many hours go into every Salter Fine Cutlery knife. Starting with our first drawings which we submit to the bladesmith, collaborating to create our special finishes, through the actual hand-forging process, heat treating, then grinding and polishing each knife, our Japanese partners are all the best in their field.

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