Watching Master Artisans at Work-Part 1

Watching Master Artisans at Work-Part 1

We have recently started posting videos of our products and the master artisans who make them. In our previous blog post, you saw the initial stages of a blade being forged. 

Today we offer some insights into how your Salter Fine Cutlery knife has been ground and another reason why they are such a delight to use.

Every Salter Fine Cutlery product is made by hand. Our blades are made to our own specifications by some of the very best skilled artisans in Japan, using the finest steels available. Some of the blades are ground and sharpened by the blacksmith himself, while others are ground and sharpened by skilled specialists in their field. Here is a glimpse of that process by one of the most respected grinders in Japan. 

The unfinished new blade goes through the first steps in grinding here in the artist's workshop

He grinds all Salter Fine Cutlery special order carbon steel blades, most of which are purchased by professional chefs and gourmet cooks or collectors who want the very finest old-fashioned carbon steel knives. All have received rave reviews from our customers.

Here, he is making the first bevel on a single-bevel carbon steel chef knife

A 'single-bevel' knife has an edge on only one side. This is the traditional grind of and choice of Japanese professional chefs, as well as many professional chefs and collectors the world over. This style of knife is quite complex to grind, but is preferred because it gives the very sharpest edge possible.

He stops and checks his work very often along the way

There are many steps in making this edge. He constantly inspects the progress.

At the Grinders workshop.

Old-fashioned traditional workmanship. Old-fashioned traditional workshop. Stepping into his workshop is like stepping back in time.

Watch for more photos and a video coming in our next blog post. 

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