Salter Fine Cutlery Handmade Chef Knives in the News

Salter Fine Cutlery chef knives editorial in Ocean Home Magazine

Salter Fine Cutlery is excited to share this recent editorial in a beautiful luxury living magazine. We were delighted to see that they have chosen to introduce our new Raptor-design line of chef and steak knives. 

These chef or steak knives can be ordered as individual knives or in any size set to fit your cooking needs and lifestyle.

Salter Fine Cutlery as seen in Ocean Home Magazine Prime Finds editorial

Our Raptor series can be ordered in a wide assortment of blade sizes and styles, as well as both hidden tang and full tang steak knives. The choice is yours.

A luxury quality knife that Is beautiful to look at, comfortable to hold, and most of all, offers performance and edge holding capabilities that will please any home or professional chef. 

Custom handmade chef and vegetable knife for home or professional chefs from Salter Fine Cutlery

The blades are each individually hand-forged to our own design specifications by and exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery by our highly qualified blademaker in Japan, using traditional forging methods. The blades arrive without handles to our shop in Hawaii, where every knife will receive a custom individually made handle to suit your taste. 

Salter Fine Cutlery exclusive Raptor design series of handforged kitchen knives for gourmet cooking

The blades are called the Raptor because of a high-polished 'claw mark' hand-hammered finish along the sides of highest quality R2 stainless steel. These claw marks blend into a damascus pattern running along the lower portion of each blade. The damascus finish is a gray matte finish. The combination of Raptor and River is simply amazing to see, feel and use.

Best Kitchen knives handmade luxury for home or chefs from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

See them here: Exclusive Raptor design series to read more

Or Click Here to see them in Ocean Home Magazine's August/September edition, in the Prime Finds section.

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Made by hand in Hawaii.

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