New Blades Available Now

New Blades Available Now

We have just received a new stock of blades from our Japanese bladesmiths.  We sure are pleased and know whoever receives one will be pleased as well.

Whether collector, home or professional chef, this batch of blades created from 4 different traditional Japanese bladesmiths offers something for everyone on your gift list this summer.

Here are a few of these new blades.

Don't see the one you are looking for? Contact us, we have lots more in our current inventory.

LEFT: 210mm heavy duty butcher knife to handle all those jobs a normal kitchen knife is not design to do. Use on poultry, large roasts, butchering slabs of meat, ribs, briskets and large fish heads. 

RIGHT: 240mm lightly polished finish chef knives perfect for professional chefs. Double-bevel for right or left-handed use with shirogami blade edge clad with softer stainless steel sides.

We have offered this bladesmith's blades for many years and every chef who has purchased one has sent glowing testimonials about how great they are, and for a very reasonable price. These knives represent his first polish version.


Below: 130mm Cattlemen's style steak knives with a clad polished finish are back in stock! R2 stainless steel. Full-tang and individually hand-forged. Photo shows an example of these blades with handles on them from last year. 6 pieces available for your order now.

And there is more.......................

Left: 2 new shirogami single bevel sashimi/sushi or slicing knives! Blades made in Osaka by a great bladesmith who specializes in shirogami gyutos and sushi knives. We were able to get one 240mm and one 210mm blade. One of these is being made now.

Right: New hunting or camp knife with 165mm blade by Kiku. Stainless steel for easy care during your summer camping adventures. 


Reserve any of these new blades now...they won't last long once they have handles on them!

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